Academic Dissertations

Le rôle des institutions dans le processus du changement technologique: étude de cas du Salvador. Thèse de doctorat Nouveau Régime. Mention très honorable.  Département d'Économie et Gestion. Université de Paris VIII  à Saint-Denis, France. 1996.

The social context of risk-taking in financial markets. Thesis submitted as partial fulfillment for Masters of Arts. Department of Sociology and Anthropology. The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, 1970.

A comparative analysis of the Marxist and Christian conceptions of history. Thesis submitted as partial fulfillment for Bachelor of Arts. Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, USA, 1967.

Papers Read and Published in International Journals

The economic effect of institutions in the transformation of subsistence farming by irrigation: case study of the Zapotitán Irrigation District/El Salvador. XLIII International Congress of Americanists.  Vancouver, Canada, 1979.

La transformación de la agricultura de subsistencia mediante el riego en El Salvador.  América Indigena, vol. XL, No. 3, Mexico, D.F., 1980.

El proceso de planificación en el desarrollo de riego para la agricultura de subsistencia."  Revista Interamericana de Planificación, No. 53, Mexico, D.F. March 1980.

La revolución verde en el contexto institucional de Latinoamérica un estudio de caso en El Salvador. Nord-Sud Revue Canadienne des études latinoaméricaines. Vol. 6, No. 12, Ottawa, 1981.

Las instituciones y la transferencia  tecnológica a los minifundios salvadoreños; caso de estudio.  Desarrollo Rural en las Américas, vol. XIV, No. 1, Costa Rica, 1982.

Irrigation planning to transform subsistence agriculture: lessons from El Salvador,  Human Ecology, vol. 12, No. 2, New York, 1984.

Le développement de l'irrigation dans le Sahel; étude de cas au Sénégal.  Polythiés, Sénégal, juillet 1986.
Irrigation Development in the Sahelian countries: The Kirene District in Senegal.  Human Ecology, vol. 18, No.3, New York, 1990.

Poverty in irrigated settlements. Irrigation Management Network. Participation in discussion paper and replies from network members. Overseas Development Institute. Network paper 27, London, UK, June 1993.

ALCOM Programme: Aquaculture for local community development programme & Utilization of small water bodies for aquaculture and fisheries. Joint evaluation mission by SADC recipient countries, donor governments (Belgium, Sweden) and FAO. FAO/Government Cooperative Programme. Rome: FAO, 1994.

20 Years of South-South Partnership Building 1978-1998. An assessment of technical cooperation among developing countries. Special unit for Technical Cooperation Among Developing Countries. New York: UNDP, 1999.

Taking Remote Sensing from Development Projects to Operational Use: Some Common Attributes of Successful Projects. Invited Paper:  Geo Asia Pacific Conference, Bangkok, Thailand.  Dr. Robert A. "Bob" Ryerson and Dr. Eduardo Quiroga. October 2000.

The case of artisanal mining in Bolivia: local participatory development and mining investment opportunities. Natural Resources Forum. Vol 26,  No.  2,  May  2002. Blackwell Publishing.

Client's Report

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