SYLVAGRO is a privately owned and registered Canadian company. Its mission is to specialize in developing institutional capacity and in managing projects proactively to support and enhance sustainable human development through development effectiveness. 

SYLVAGRO has established a strong reputation by building up institutions through capacity development in development effectiveness during more than 20 years of international operations.

SYLVAGRO's team of consultants includes international development professionals and experienced project managers.

SYLVAGRO, since its foundation in 1991, has successfully conducted development assistance projects financed by regional banks, bilateral organizations and international financial organizations.

SYLVAGRO's team experience extends over more than 60 projects and almost 70 developing countries throughout Asia, the Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America & the Caribbean.

SYLVAGRO offers independent, quality sensitive, innovative and proactive professional consulting services based on transparency and integrity.

Institution Development and the Participatory Approach

SYLVAGRO's management approach is based on the cornerstone that all stakeholders participate in all phases of the project cycle.  This approach achieves the purpose of ensuring transparency and accountability in project performance and of enhancing the stakeholders' skills geared for institutional development.

SYLVAGRO's strategy to ensure sustainable human development presumes that the necessary condition is to build institutions and the sufficient condition is to exploit natural resources in sound ways which conserve the environment.